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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ecuador Televisión Pública

Ecuador Televisión Pública or ECTV is a public broadcaster in Ecuador.

ECTV began broadcasting in October 2007 with non-reimbursable funds of $5 million from the Economic and Social Development Bank of Venezuela.

ECTV broadcasts a wide variety of shows from kids shows like dubbed Sesame Street to news from various worldwide news organisations like DW and Voice of America.

ECTV can be seen on either UHF channels 48 or channels 49 depending on the region in Ecuador.

ECTV is a joint venture between Ecuador's Ministry of Culture and a private company called Andinate.

ECTV continues to close down each night at start up each morning at 5:30am on weekdays and 6:30am on weekends.

The Video

First of we see a static screen used during ECTV's off air time, then The National Anthem video starts.

The National Anthem video is nice, it features locations in Ecuador, people and them at work, historic buildings and figures, and the inauguration of the current President Rafael Correa.

The Flag of Ecuador and the National Anthem are featuring from start to finish.

Finally an little video of camera crew from ECTV letting regular people test a television camera, then an ident and into the new broadcast day.

I hope you all enjoy....


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