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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

XHSTA-TV Canal 7

XHSTA-TV Canal 7 is a full powered Mexican broadcast television station licensed to broadcast to Villahermosa on VHF Channel 7 with a radiated power of 150 kW's.

Villahermosa is the capital of the state of Tabasco

XHSTA-TV broadcasts the programs Television Tabasqueña and I believe is the small networks flagship.

Television Tabasqueña also has XHVET-TV in La Venta on Channel 5 and XHMET-TV in Tenosique on Channel 10 both broadcasting with a radiated power of 50 kW's. These may be a direct repeaters of XHSTA-TV.

Television Tabasqueña seems to be a small public broadcaster producing programs to improve the state of Tabasco, broadcast history and cultural events, scientific technological programming but also to broadcast news.

Television Tabasqueña can also be seen in Mexico, the continental United States and Hawaii in C-Band on SatMex 6 Satellite at 113°W, this maybe the satellite where XHVET-TV and XHMET-TV receive their signals to be rebroadcast.

The word Queña means Small in Spanish, thought it may be worth including.

As always XHSTA-TV and its sister stations are required to conform to the broadcast laws of the Secretary of Communications and Transportation of Mexico, this includes airing the National Anthem and Flag of Mexico.

First of we see a standard test card with XHSTA TV CANAL 7 DESTE: VILLAHERMOSA, TABASCO MEXICO, deste translates to From:.

I will let this video speak for itself..

I hope you all enjoy


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