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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Korean Central TV (DPRK) Close Down 2009

Korean Central Television, is a state television station from the DPRK or more commonly known as North Korea.

KCTV broadcasts news reports, shows on education, culture, economic affairs, cartoons and various other content.

KCTV broadcasts from 08:00 to 13:30 UTC which is 17:00 to 22:30 local time Monday through Saturday and 00:00 to 13:30 UTC which is 9:00 to
22:30 on Sundays, broadcast times mirror Sundays on key national holidays.

To read more about KCTV please click Here

I have never been able to view a close down from KCTV, I have had the privilege to view KCTV for a good number of hours at a time, but the broadcast is always cut long before the end of their broadcast day, so this is as much a treat for me as anyone else.

The Video

This video is more about presentation than anything I think and its a neat insight into the country.

The Flag of the DPRK is seen flying in a more conventional way in this video, unlike their start up in the link above.

Not sure the music being played over the flag, I am assuming someone can comment on that for me.

Thanks to Mark over at SatDirectory for this video.

If you would like to read a rough translation of what is going to be shown the next broadcast day please click here, credit to sstepski.

Please be aware of the file size of this video, so be patient when it buffers.

I hope you all enjoy...


  1. Thanks sstepski for the translation of the program preview, thats amazing!

  2. Still trying to find the song, but searching in Japan isn't the best thing in the world. I know it sounds like to me "Arirang" because of the soft melody that is being played. I know it is not the state anthem.


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