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Monday, 27 July 2009

ZNS-TV Channel 13

ZNS-TV Channel 13 is I think state run television station located in Nassau The capital of The Bahamas.

ZNS-TV is operated by the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas.

The corporation also operates a number of radio stations on the island, including ZNS-1 AM on 1540 kHz which is a clear channel station at 50,000 watts day and night, and can be heard across the Caribbean and Florida at night.

ZNS-TV broadcasts in Nassau on Channel 13 with a radiated power of 500 kW's and also has a repeater in Freepoint also on Channel 13 also with a radiated power 500 kW's.

ZNS-TV can also be seen on cable in the country as well as on satellite in C-Band in the Northern Americas on the AMC 3 satellite at 87°W.

ZNS-TV is known on air as ZNS Network Bahamas as well as ZNS News 13 for their news broadcasts, which is very North American in presentation.

ZNS-TV began broadcasting on July 4th 1977 a few months prior to this the government sent about a dozen people to Canada for training.

A great blog it seems for broadcasting in The Bahamas can be read here.

The Video

First off we see the final station ident for the night, and then a North American style station information and locations sign-off then into the National Anthem video which also includes the Flag of The Bahamas.

This video aired at 01:30 local summer time which is 05:30 UTC and I believe they start broadcasting again at 06:00 local time.

By the sounds of it the audio recording may of actually been taped in the 1970's it would be odd today to boast being in full colour.

I am very pleased to bring this video to this blog, I have been wanting to see it let alone record it for ages.

Call Sign Information

The ZNS call sign stands for Zephyr Nassau Sunshine.

Zephyr is a word for Sea Breeze, while Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas.

ZNS is grand fathered from when The Bahamas was colony of the United Kingdom, ZN are call sign letters assigned to the United Kingdom, a-lot of Caribbean radio and television stations were assigned a Z* call sign.

The Blog

I have decided to take this blog in a new posting format, I will post whenever I have a new video or honestly feel like it, I have not abandoned this blog.

I hope you all enjoy this video and ones to come....


  1. I saw the KSL TV sign off, I'd like to make a request. Can you find the sign off for KUTV/Salt Lake City, WUTV/Buffalo and WTAP/Parkersburg, West Virginia? Thanks.

  2. Unlikely mate, please use my email provided to the left next time for request.

  3. I saw the video for the ZNS-TV sign off, and you are right, the sign off is definitely like how an American TV station would sign off. In the Bahamas, just substitute The Star Spangled Banner for March On Bahamaland as the national anthem.

    Another thing worth mentioning here is the power level of ZNS-TV, both in Nassau and the repeater in Freeport, both operating on VHF Channel 13 with 500 kW of radiated power. Would that be 500 kW of both visual and aural power combined or would the aural power be a fraction of the visual power?

    By comparison there is a Channel 13 located in Tampa, Florida about 220 miles west-northwest of The Bahamas, and that is WTVT-TV, the Fox owned and operated affiliate. Ironically, both WTVT and ZNS operate on VHF Channel 13 but WTVT's power levels are much less than ZNS, 316 kW visual and 31.6 kW aural apparently due to FCC regulations regarding maximum power levels of VHF television in the United States.

    With the digital transition that took place in the USA on 12 June 2009 WTVT no longer operates on VHF channel 13. Instead WTVT operates on digital channel 12 with only 17.5 kW of power using virtual channel to keep their pre-transition channel 13 number. As far as ZNS TV is concerned, I am not sure if they will make the transition to DTV or not; I checked around Wikipedia and I could not find what I needed.

  4. World Radio TV Handbook 2009 lists the station as 50kW's while Wikipedia say 500kW's.

    Think Wikipedia is wrong I should pay more attention to WRTH next time.

    Not sure what the audio power is I am afraid.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Saddly this site is long dead now.


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